Oktoberfest beer tour


Experience in travel comes with age and opens like a refined taste of a seasoned drink.
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Oktoberfest beer tour

Beer, beer and beer again.
Freshest, tastiest, cooked specially
for the autumn holiday six best Breweries in Bavaria.

What awaits the participants of the Beer tour


Beer, beer and beer again. The freshest, most delicious, brewed specially for the occasion of autumn six of the best Breweries in Bavaria.

Tour of Munich. The architecture of this city can not be confused with any other city in the world.

BMW Museum in Munich. Many amazing discoveries from the world of the Bavarian automobile industry.

A trip to the most recognizable symbol of Bavaria – Neuschwanstein castle.
Among the many Bavarian castles it is perhaps the most beautiful and attractive.

Contemplation of beauty and amazing natural landscapes. Landscapes of the Bavarian Alps are surprisingly beautiful in the autumn.

Meet interesting and like-minded people. Friendly atmosphere and opportunity to maintain further contacts and cooperation. Perhaps the establishment of business ties.

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Tour program

1 day
Arrival in Munich. Trasnsfer from the airport. Check in at the hotel.
Acquaintance with the city and the first visit to the meadow of Teresa, where they will be
occur all the most grandiose celebrations.
Hofbräu Tasting.

Day 2
Walking tour of Munich.
In the evening again Oktoberfest program.
Paulaner Tasting.

Day 3
Excursion to the Museum of beer and Oktoberfest.
Evening entertainment at the Oktoberfest.
Tasting Löwenbräu.

Day 4
Excursion to BMW Museum.
In The Evening The Oktoberfest.
Tasting Spaten.

Day 5
Excursion to Neuschwanstein castle. We'll have to drive about 300 km, but with
roads in Germany it will not take more than 3 hours.
In the evening we return to Munich and continue to walk on Oktoberfest.
Tasting Hacker-Pschorr.

Day 6
Our final day at the Oktoberfest. All the beer and all the snacks
eaten. We share our impressions and make plans for the future.
Tasting Augustiner-Bräu

Day 7
Transfer to airport. Flight home.


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Who is this tour for?

Beer lovers and fun of any gender and age (18+).
If you love this drink of the gods, Oktoberfest is your holiday. Every year
in Bavaria attracts up to 6 million tourists to participate in the
the most mass in the world of festival and drink specially cooked to
the festival of beer.

Lovers of travelling, the atmosphere of celebration and relaxed
cultural program.

In addition to the daily tasting of freshly brewed beer for the holiday, we will make several excursions and walk through the museums

Those who are inspired by ancient architecture.
Tour of Munich + trip to the famous Neuschwanstein castle, which is
the most recognizable symbol of Bavaria.

Admirers of the Bavarian automobile industry.
One day we will visit the Museum of BMW automaker, located in the city.

To connoisseurs of high-quality writing instruments of the best world

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Why is this tour the best?

All inclusive

All flights, accommodation and travel. No fuss with tickets, registrations and various armor. You don't have to worry about anything. Nothing will distract you from the main purpose of the trip: it is the pleasure of fresh beer from the 6 best Breweries in Bavaria in an interesting company. All excursions, entrance to the Museum and Seating in tents are included in the tour price.

Pre-booked tables in tent, through partners
in Germany

We don't have to stand in line and wait until
a free table will appear.

Casual excursion program

Cultural leisure is also important. We will visit several museums and visit Neuschwanstein castle.

the Movement will be carried out on a comfortable minivan or
business class car

We will drive approximately 300km on a tour of Neuschwanstein castle.
(sober driver service included, leave your rights at home)

Accommodation in comfortable hotels or apartments

No hostels or hotels with a low rating.

Sun, nature and pleasant company of friends

All this will certainly add atmosphere and will allow to spend time for lovers of foam