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A wild world of Africa. The Big African Five. Ngorongoro Crater. serengeti national park. Lake Victoria. Kilimanjaro.

What awaits the participants of the Safari


We will go on a Safari in the protected areas of Ngorongoro crater, which is the base of the extinct millions of years ago volcano's. The crater is recognized as a biosphere reserve and is included in the world the UNESCO world heritage list.

It is in the nature reserve Ngorongoro conservation area there are about 25 000 species of wild animals and the highest concentration of predators in all of Africa continent. We will go in search of Big Five - the most honorable trophies on Safari (Buffalo, lion, Rhino, elephant and leopard). We will hunt for photo-gun, like a Ball)

We will get acquainted with the inhabitants and life of the Maasai tribe, one of the most colorful peoples of the black continent. They are the indigenous people of Africa, which has its own culture and traditions in spite of all the troubles in his share of persecution and trials. The Maasai Swahili language is the official language of Tanzania, along with English.

Meet interesting and like-minded people.
Friendly atmosphere and the opportunity to maintain further contacts and cooperation. Perhaps the establishment of business ties.

Full-movie or a road movie, which we'll get in the trip will remain with you for a good memory.

Climbing to the highest point of the African continent - top Kilimanjaro. This majestic mountain is located in the North-East Tanzania and is part of the club's 7 peaks program, the highest points of all continents'.

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Tour program

Dates: all year round
Duration 7-14 days
Price from $ 2000 (all included)

Safari (7 days)

For lovers of wildlife and African fauna suitable first type programs.
We will focus on observing the wild world of Africa in Ngorongoro crater, we will go to the Serengeti national Park and the Lake Victoria.

Arrival at Kilimanjaro international airport. Transfer from the airport.
Check in at the hotel. Rent an SUV.

The Big African Five
Then it all depends on us, on our mood. We can go all day on the Savannah looking for a Big one.
The African Five, or combine our journey with a vacation on Zanzibar.

Safari + Kilimanjaro (10 days)

For fans of extreme and strong spirit.
Height of Kilimanjaro 5895м over sea level. This is an impressive figure, but nevertheless the ascent on the top does not require special climbing skills and training.

Our priority will be correct acclimatization, which it will take a few days and training outputs.

As a rule, to climb to the top on one of the most popular routes Marang is 4-5 days.

Living conditions in the mountains are less comfortable, but you will not find such species and such nature anywhere else.

Kilimanjaro is in the top 7 world peaks and who knows, maybe you are in the future decide to conquer all the others.


Free visa support from Major Tours.

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Who is this tour for?

For wildlife lovers. Savannah is unmatched in its diversity.

Fans of African fauna. National guys are full of wild animals.

To lovers or discoverers of African culture. We will meet representatives of the Masai tribe and try to learn a few words in Swahili.

For lovers of climbing. Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa, awaits us.

Why is this tour the best?

All included.
All flights, accommodation and travel. No fuss with tickets, registrations and various reservations.
You don't need any than worry. Nothing will distract you from the main goal travel, explore the flora and fauna of the African continent, culture and traditions of its peoples.

We will gather in our photo collection The big African Five (Buffalo, lion, Rhino, elephant and leopard).
Visit the unique biosphere Ngorongoro reserve, Serengeti national Park and lake Victoria. Let's go to the top of Kilimanjaro. Not a single day without adventures!

Movement will be carried out on a comfortable SUV. Food it will also be carried out in designated areas. No barbecue in the middle of the Savannah.)

Accommodation will take place in a comfortable environment.
Yes, this is Africa and sometimes the level of service and comfort will not reach the usual to the European, but we will seek to extract only positive moments of all situations. The catch phrase of Masai Hakuna matata (no problem in Swahili) will be our slogan for the trip.

The Perfect way to escape from the daily hustle, reboot and to understand your purpose in this world. Africa is a special color and impressions!